HONEYstick Highbrid

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HONEYstick Highbrid Sub Ohm Wax/Dab Tank

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HoneyStick Highbrid

The HoneyStick Highbrid is a sub-ohm tank for wax/dabs use. It features dual Quartz rods, custom ceramic bowl, high endurance wire up to 23 Watts to rapidly heat up, and a pressure building chamber.

How To Use:

Each part of the Highbird Atomizer, which contains o-rings, can be disassembled, allowing you easy access to the heating chamber.

  1. Gently remove portions of the atomizer to expose the heating chamber.
  2. Using the dab tool, gently gently place dab/wax concentrate down the hole opening on the top of the heating chamber, being careful not to scrape or tamper with the coils and heating rods within the chamber. ***USE CAUTION if this is a reload as these surfaces may be hot.***
  3. Securely re-affix the parts that were removed , making sure all gasket o-rings have a nice seal.
  4. Attach the Highbrid Atomizer to your vape battery-Follow your vape battery’s instructional manual for proper use of battery unit.


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